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    Welcome to HQ toners Website
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    We are committed to providing the best value, High Quality
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    Quality, performance, and competitive pricing Secret distinctiveness

Cartridges are manufactured for the brand HQ according to the highest standards of production . And trusted by consumers and businesses.

In addition to the tremendous value Altoviria, the environmental benefits are also great where it is re-use of millions of printer cartridges per year and save them from being a waste harmful to the environment.

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About Us

HQ is aTrade mark registered with the Saudi Ministry of Commerce . and owned by the company Manarat Computers Ltd.

We have purchased production lines in a bigger and better toner factories in China

providing our clients with the highest quality and print accuracy that will meet their standards of high quality prints

Quality Marks

These symbols are a sign a pledge from the factory in that he is committed to the highest standards

Each sign is a testimony that tests had succeeded in passing the product , and these signs are

Our Team


European Conformity

Our Team


Standardized Test Methods Committee

Our Team


Restriction of Hazardous Substances

Our Team

ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Our Team

ISO 14001

ISO 14001



We are pleased and honored to serve you and keep you informed on our products.

Our products are only there to meet your needs.

What do we offer?

A new generation of inks.

Quality and efficiency is our motto .

Our Team

HP inks

Toners compatible with HP printers

You'll see colors boasts prints

Our Team

Canon inks

Toners compatible with Canon printers

Inks adds a special flavor to your photos

Our Team

EPSON inks

Toners compatible with EPSON printers

You'll see what you like

Our Team

brother inks

Toners compatible with brother printers

A different world with different colors

Our Team


Toners compatible with TOSHIBA printers

You will not believe what you see

Our Team


Toners compatible with KYOCERA printers

Quality well worth the experience

Liked our services? You have something in your mind you want to make it a reality? 'd Trusselna on the subject?


Our products gallery

Here we put our products distinctive

Our latest products

  • CF505A

  • CE310A - CE313A-1

  • CB540A - 543A-1

  • CB435A

  • CB321A - CB323A-1

  • TN2025

  • TN3145

  • TK675

  • CB436A

  • Q2612A

  • Q5949A

  • TN2130

  • TN-1000

  • TN2260

  • TN3145

  • TN3250

  • CE285A

  • CF280A

  • Q7553A

  • MLT-D101S

  • MLT-D104

  • TK410


Distributors accredited HQ

List Amozon accredited by us in HQ


River Foundation inks trade

Al-Malaz - sixty Street

Phone : 011414054

Mobile : 0552223170 - 0537462810


Butterfly computer

King Fahd Road (qureen)

Phone : 0163386000

Mobile : 0530254446


Center Romaih hardware maintenance office

Street forty

Phone : 0163237258

Mobile : 0503078626


Fahad Al Nasser Al-Qahtani

Deira neighborhood

Phone : 0114115655

Mobile : 0501495087


Foundation House probe

King Fahd Road (qureen)

Phone : 0163394000

Mobile : 0509362779


Foundation prospects of age to serve Computer

By Prince Sultan - West Fountain

Phone : 0163856936 - 0163853540

Mobile : 0502262416


Foundation paralyzing Aqeel al-Shammari

King Abdulaziz Road

تلفاكس : 0165314220

Mobile : 0508137450


House of the screen of the computer

King Fahd Road (qureen)

Phone : 0163337687

Mobile : 0555976110


Manarat Computers

King Faisal Road - in front of the General Hospital

Phone : 0163323325

Mobile : 0502455361


United Systems, Inc.

Ambassador Shubaily road

Phone : 0163631885

Mobile : 0568259276


Abu Rakan Computer Systems

King Fahd Road (qureen)

Phone : 0163337794 - 0163383000

Mobile : 0500343648


Doctor Computer and Communications

King Khaled

Phone : 0163367888

Mobile : 0567715409


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